Leading UX designer

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For a leading edge en well-funded financial start-up creatieven.com is searching for an experienced UX-designer willing to move to Geneva.
The start-up company is funded by a string of financial institutions and develops a leading edge blockchain platform to create a trusted and decentralized eco-system for trading commodities. The UX-designer will be leading in designing the user interface of this platform. He or she will design the deshboard, together with two external designers. The new UX-designer leads this team and works closely with four product owners and their respective feature design teams. These teams work in sprints of two weeks (agile). The UX-team delivers the user interface for these features. The new designer manages this process in the complex environment of the start-up and their investors.
We are searching for an experienced UX-designer who is up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in UX-design. He or she is able to lead the team and to create a brand-specific experience for the user. Consistent and easy to use. The platform is built with Consensys and based on the Ethereum technology. Earlier experience with agile working processes is a must.
Offered is a fulltime job in the beautiful city of Geneva. Salary up to 9k. One-time allowance of up to 10k to move to Switzerland. 1 week travel per month.